~~Welcome to True Colors!~~
You have found the current homepage of Ami Yuy.  I'm a college student who loves photography, cosplay, the internet, watching anime and hanging out with my awesome friends.  (Three of which by the way are represented on the current layout.  ^_^  I'm the Sakura - the one in the red.)

4~8~06: An in-depth write-up on my Haruno Sakura costume has been added to the Cosplay section.
I have fixed the Cosplay section and added a link in the Portfolio to my new Galleries that I'm working on as well as some other little fixes around the site.
As of October 11th, 2005, I am the proud owner of www.amiyuy.com!  ~~true colors~~ is not completely up and functional yet, although most of this main section is, most of the cosplay is not.  A lot of the images are broken in my costumes, and only some of the convention ones work.  It's a work in progress that I'll hopefully get back to soon!

Ami Yuy April 22, 2003
All pictures may only be used if you ask permission and for non-profit purposes.