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I liked Sakura since I first started watching the show (even though she is useless most of the time ;_;) and had thought about cosplaying her, but wasn't planning on it yet. Scruffy Rebel then decided to do her for Anime Expo '05, but then even though she had all of the supplies, she didn't have time to complete it so she offered them to me. And I'm glad I took her up on it. XD

And if you're wondering who my awesome Sasuke is, well it's my friend Soyo who has a detailed info page about her costume up over here.

Cost: $120 for the basic supplies ($150 probably or more now with repairs)
Time to Construct: 40-50 hours (including re-watching all but 4 episodes of Gundam Wing and several episodes of The Pretender), probably have put in about 5-10 more hours of fix-up
Debuted: Anime Expo 2005
Status: Complete
Worn to:
Anime Expo 2005
Pacific Media Expo 2005
COSMODE Photoshoot at Anime Gamers in LA on October 29th, 2005
Anime Los Angeles 2006

Best Sakura Look-Alike @ Cosplay Lab (with long wig)
Hall Costume Award @ Anime Los Angeles 2006 (with short wig)

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Photos taken at the COSMODE Photoshoot at Anime Gamers on October 29th, 2005-

(All photos copyright Kyle Johnsen of Cosplay.com.)


(The first one is the one which won the Best Sakura Look-Alike at Cosplay Lab)

More images can be found in-
My Sakura Gallery on Cosplay.com | AX 2005 gallery | PMX 2005 gallery | ALA 2006 gallery

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McCall's 4369 - Chinese Dress
I followed the pattern for dress D which has the zipper originally in back with darts in both the front and back.

I used the back darts and the breast darts because it helped it fit MUCH better than if I hadn't used them and did not do the long front ones because they would interfere with the zipper. Even though her dress does not drawn with darts, it's really the only way I can see it fitting nicely like hers does and they generally don't show in images anyway.

I switched the zipper to the front with no problem whatsoever, I just had measure the collar before I put it on and sew it together in back instead of having the zipper close it like the pattern called for.

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I got the pattern and then did a muslin mock-up with help from my friend Rosebud who helped me measure out the front and back flaps.

Red: Cotton (heavier, poplin maybe?)- 4-5 yards
White: Cotton- 4-5 yards
I really do believe that her dress is red and not berry colored. Posters are great color references, and they always show it as a semi-bright red...I personally prefer the flat/non-shiny and pure red like I have.

It is all double layered because cotton is so thin (and to get the double-sided red/white that she has), and it does require ironing and such, but it has the perfect crisp colors that I wanted and is comfy and breathable, so it works well for me. ^_^

The flaps are the front and back portions of the dress where I just didn't sew the front and back pieces together. Rosebud then helped me by measuring the length and drawing the sloping sides. In a few images earlier on in the show Sakura's dress almost does close, however as the series continues it is even more obvious that it doesn't. Not to mention that it is a lot more flattering to have the skinnier flaps.

In-progress photos- 1, 2

Length: 22 inches
Color: White
Type: Regular (not hidden!)
For the zipper's angle there is no way to make it go at a 45 deg angle if it is a real zipper, but since I used a long zipper I was able to curve it decently sharply by snipping the edging along the zipper. I sewed it in with only the zipper part itself showing to give the thin line look that she has in all pictures. I had my mom help me by holding it down while I pinned it on so that I could clip the edges and draw a line onto the fabric so I would know where to cut it.

Originally I followed the pattern and just made the normal Chinese dress collar, but it was too tall, so for Pacific Media Expo '05 I took it apart and made it shorter and slope like it's supposed to. It was relatively easy, but does require interfacing. It even covers up the top portion of the zipper because when I sewed the zipper on, I didn't realize that the collar needed to go down further, so I just covered it up with it. ^_^

Accents (Circles and Edges)-
Instead of using any sort of bias tape or quilt edging or paint, I actually just used white cotton fabric (the same as on the inside of the body of the dress). Looking back on it I would have used at least two layers of it instead of the one I did and probably attached it differently as well.

Edges: The width varies from about 1" to 1.5" depending on what side you look at and where on the side. ^^;; I was throwing it on there at the last minute and didn't spend as much time getting it even as I would have liked...but that's just me being way too perfectionist. I made it to be scaled to me based on how large my circles were going to end up, so that they also were the same width.

Circles: I took some printer paper and using my compass drew a circle about the size I wanted. Then I drew a smaller one inside of it. Next I cut it out and used it like a pattern and cut out two pieces of fabric and then sewed them together (right sides together) first in the inside circle (making sure to press it flat - open like it's going to be) and then the outside one, leaving a bit open on one edge to pull it through so that it was right side out. Then I pressed it again and then sewed it right next to the edge directly onto the dress, pressing it again once it was on. ^_^ I'm sure there are other, easier ways to do it, but that's how I did, and it was really just a figure out as I go type of thing. XD

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Shoes & Shorts: 
$5 sandals from Payless (Montego Bay Club ones from Payless that were on sale)
Fabric: Blue fleece, blue thread
These started and some comfy sandals which covered most of my feet except for the bottom of the heel and toes. The rest of it took a LOT of tweaking. However the base is a sock-type tube of fabric that I cut out which I then roll down to make the cuff and is glued around the front edge and into the shoe and onto the top of the sandal. There is also a piece of cardboard in the back to keep that section straight and down.

A sketch of how they were done, very rough.
In-progress photos- 1, 2, 3

Black Champion spandex biker shorts.  Scruffy Rebel removed the Champion symbol before she gave them to me and I then colored the remainder of the glue with a black sharpie to hide it.

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Long wig-
Name: Ashley
Brand: New Look
From: Cosworx
Color: Pink
We just trimmed the front after I put on the headband to make her bangs. It's a gorgeous wig and very high quality, I'm very very very happy with it, and got TONS of compliments throughout AX.

Short wig-
Name: Femme Fatale
From: Amphigory
Color: Perky/Light Pink
Base purchased from Cosplay.com member Mekou and trimmed and styled by me.

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What: Claudia Stevens Hair Highlighter
Where: Sally's Beauty Supply
Color: Pink
To apply it I took the large glob that always forms on the tip of the brush and put it on the part of my eyebrow near my nose and then brushed it out in the direction the brows go. It takes a bit of playing around to get it to cover all of the brows, but it really is easy to do and it stays all day but then comes off with regular soap and water.

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Headband- Purchased on eBay.

Back bag- Purchased on eBay. It is held on by safety pins that are pinned from the inside of the bag, one on top and one on each side.  I made sure to use large safety pins and doing the pinning from inside of the bag makes it so that the pins a) don't show and b) don't hurt the dress. When I first did it the pins were in-between the dress and bag and not only showed in photos but also created a hole in the dress because the head of the pin worked its way into the fabric.  The button on the flap was added to make it more accurate. I generally keep a few things in it so that it is puffed out and rounded rather than just flat, not to mention it's nice to have my cell phone and a couple things right there in reach. ^_^ 

Kunai holder- Purchased on eBay. It hates to stay up on my leg. ;_; I pretty much am always holding a kunai while I walk so that it doesn't fall.

Leg wrapping- Purchased at a drug store.  Athletic tape.

Kunai- Purchased on eBay.  In most of my pictures the plastic kunai I have are actually borrowed from Scruffy Rebel, because until recently I only had one, but for my 20th birthday Scruffy Rebel got me another one. ^_^

Shuriken- Purchased at Pacific Media Expo '05.  Sometimes I have photos with my metal shuriken.

Fan- Borrowed from Scruffy Rebel.  In one of my favorite shots I'm holding a white fan.

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Ami Yuy April 22, 2003
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