~~Who, what, when?~~

~ Who? ~
Ami Yuy - see the profile for more info.  Originally this site was for both her and her boyfriend Will, but they broke up and even though they remain friends, Ami has taken over the site to be her personal webspace.

~ What? ~
A place for all the cosplay information and convention pictures she has taken over the years.

~ When? ~
The idea swirled around in Ami's head for a few weeks until on May 30, 2003 she decided to just make it. She created most of the pages on that day and came back to update whenever necessary.

On April 24, 2004: Jess of kitty-ears.net offered hosting. As Ami had been looking for either a host or at purchasing her own space, she lept at the idea. They had met at the Cosplay.com Picnic on April 17, 2004, so it was nice to be able to put a face to the name.

~~Past layouts~~
~ Dates ~ 10/19/03 - 9/16/05

~ Dates ~ 5/30/03 - 10/19/03

Ami Yuy April 22, 2003
All pictures may only be used if you ask permission and for non-profit purposes.