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 ~ Cosplay Sites~
Cosplay/Anime Costuming and Masquerade Links - A great resource for finding links to websites (personal and non) divided by convention.

 ~ Photo Sites ~
Cosplay.com - THE cosplay resource on the net. Forums, photo galleries, costume tracking, journals, and more! Not only are there wonderful photos from Admin and Eurobeat King, but the members can upload their own to share with everyone else.

A Fan's View - A huge selection of convention reports and photos.

Linus Lam Network News / Usagichan Company Search and Rescue - Lionel has an awesome selection of categories and photos from tons of conventions.

RisingSun.net - Beautiful photos, a good place to check for photos from conventions (mostly in Florida and the East Coast).

Obsessed With Anime - Lots of pictures from Anime Expo, Ani-Magic, Sakura Con, and AkaKon.

Hello Kenney - Photos from Anime Expo (lots from 2003).

 ~ Costume Tracking Sites ~
Cosplay Lab - A cosplayer's resource site where you can create your own profile to keep track of your costumes and explore other people's.

American Cosplay Paradise - For American Girls/Women ages 16 and up who want to post their costumes.

Ami Yuy April 22, 2003
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